What’s in a mini session?

Dec 13, 2021

Everyone wants a mini session, but what is a mini session? In all honesty, it means something different to each photographer — so why do people want them??

An Ivory Tree Mini Session

At Ivory Tree, we subscribe to a philosophy we call “child lead”. Every child is different. Some are shy and need time to warm up. Some are ready to go but fade quickly. This means we don’t set a timeframe for sessions. You aren’t paying for the time; you are paying for the experience. Sometimes sessions take 15 minutes and sometimes they take 45. What they will never do is last hours. You know why? Kids can’t last that long. 

In one of our family sessions, we do all the possible combos — each kid alone, siblings, siblings with one parent, then the other, then all together. So, for us, thinking about what a mini session means was hard. We just didn’t have it in us to show less images — it didn’t feel authentic and frankly, we tried and couldn’t. So, it meant we had to do less combos. Viola! Our mini sessions were born.

To us, mini sessions mean just the kids. It’s a session all about them! This allows us to keep the integrity of what we believe, giving kids the time the need to get comfortable and still delivering the image diversity we’ve come to be known for.

Is a Mini Session For You?

Is a mini session for you? Honestly, we always recommend parents jump in for a few shots. The beauty of working with us is that you only purchase what you want. Which means you can get in the photos, and then if you still aren’t feeling it, simply just buy the images of your kids. At least you’ll have options. Because here’s the truth, you want pictures of them. But they are going to want the memories of you. But, if you for certain don’t want to get in the images then a mini session is totally for you!

Ok, for those of you who skip right to the end, our mini sessions are just for kids. You still get three different backgrounds, check them out here, you still get individuals and sibling images, you still get the same number of images — the only difference between a mini and family session is that it’s just for the kids!



About the Author

Lara Aman Mattey

Founder I Owner I Ivory Tree

Lara is the coolest person alive, according to her husband, Nick, & two little ladies, Caitie & Lorelai. But she thinks her time is limited on that statement as they continue to grow older. Lara comes from a large family, with whom she is still very close with & you’ll often see shared through the blog and on social media. She went to Penn State (We Are…) where she met Nick.

Ivory Tree's very own photographer, Marcy shot her newborn photography sessions & Lara was hooked! Lara is not a photographer, super weird, we know. But lives for the experience, creative direction, and meeting all the cool folks who come through the Ivory Tree Portraits studio!

In addition to studio awards, Lara was also recognized at a Women of Influence on the Main Line in 2023.

Follow along as she shares studio antics, personal antidotes, & fun stuff going on in the community.

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