If you need to reschedule within 3 days, unfortunately it doesn't give us enough time to rebook the studio so you are responsible for the session fee.

Last Minute Reschedules


Holiday season (Sep - Dec) is bumpin for us. We can reschedule you, of course, but it will be during the week. If you need another weekend apt, another session fee would apply.

Holiday Reschedules



Within 14-days of your session, while we can't refund, we will reschedule.


Full-refunds are available up to 14-days before your scheduled session.



Honestly, the first time we get it. It's cool, stuff happens.  But after that,  it makes it hard to accommodate our other guests too. So after the first reschedule there is a 50% reschedule fee.

Multiple reschedules


All the
pesky deets

Session Fee

A session fee is required to book.   It is us committing that the studio is exclusively yours & you're committing to show up.


Are at the sole discretion of the studio & not available for regretful clothing, hair or make-up choices.


PS: We highly recommend not getting make-up done by a professional, You won't be on a stage with harsh lighting, we use natural light & promise you'll want to look like you.

Ivory Tree Portraits retains all copyright ownership of all images.  With the exclusion of purchased digital images, images may not be reproduced or duplicated for any reason without our express written permission. Unauthorized copies are subject to a $500 per image per incident penalty or $15k, whichever is greater. This includes digital scanning, posting to social media and any other reproduction. Images may at no time be used for commercial purposes without express written concent.


Ordering meetings must take place within 30-days of your session, if you let us know you need to order after the 30 days, a $150 archival fee will apply.

We only guarantee images are saved for 30-days, if you'd like to purchase additional images after 30 days, a $150 un-archival fee will apply, if images are still available.

Ordered Images will be stored for a minimum of 12 months, so don't forget to download & save them!

We do require you to have purchased from all prior sessions before booking a new session.



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life's too short for boring photos

All purchases including product, credits & gift certificates are non-returnable and non-refundable. Orders that are altered or cancelled once placed will result in an additional fee. Prices guaranteed for 30-days from date of session. All items ordered after that date will be charged at the current price. Ivory Tree Portraits cannot be held responsible for product damages incurred as a result of improper handling, dropping, framing or hanging. Prints should be hung away from moisture, temperature changes, and sticky little fingers.



©2021 ivory tree All rights reserved. duplication of these images in any way, shape or form is prohibited by law & makes you a yucky person.