We specialize in newborn & family photography because we love kids. Honestly, we're not photographers who work with kids sometimes. We're experts in working with kids. We think it's more than kinda important & what makes all the difference in creating a fun experience for your kids and a relaxing experience for you.

Hiya, I'm Lara

And I'm not a photographer. Yeah, I know super weird to own a portrait studio when you can't shoot. But I love the experience. I love chatting with all of the new folks I get to meet. I love the memories we create. I love the design aspect of our art.  I love the team.  I love the vibe. I love the fun. I love kids. I love my kids. I love our signature scent. Literally is there a better reason to go to 'work' everyday?

My favorite things include relaxing at the Chesapeake, snuggling with my labs, Family dinner with local fam (14 of us), every Sunday. gardening with my girls, and cooking, with Nick. Ironically, I was not allowed to step foot in a kitchen (yup, that means the chefs at Aramark wouldn't let me in the test kitchens, that's how bad I was) before the pandemic. Now I'm known for my chocolate chip cookies, pizza every Friday night and fresh bread! I legit don't even recognize myself but I take it as a sign we are always growing!

If you pop into the studio, I"m the one wandering around without shoes with a cup of coffee in hand. 


studio antics

and i'm steve lemon

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Hey, I'm Kaeleigh and I'm the Creative Director around here which means I'm the one who curates the backgrounds and ensures every image that comes out of the studio is quintessential Ivory Tree. it's kinda crazy that I've been with the studio since graduating from Antonelli in 2016.

While I"m originally from Staten Island, I grew up in Bucks Co which is why I love our Newtown (Bucks Co) Studio! When not in the studio you'll find me with my Fiancé , Dan, hanging with our family or at an Eagles game! 

You'll find me everywhere, but I'm mostly in Newtown!


Hey, I'm Amber and I've been a photographer for over 20 years. While I"m originally from Kentucky, I'v been in Pihlly for years!

When I'm not in studio you'll find me hiking with my puppy, throwing pottery and teaching conscious dance! 

You'll find me in Wayne (Main Line)!

Hello, I"m Marcy and I'm a bit of a sap. I love the experience of growing with families. In fact, I've been with the studio since 2011! 

When not in the studio can be found camping with my family, Kevin, Blake, & Brooke! I also love to shoot landscapes, I was even published in a book!

I've moved into a remote role where I'm no longer shooting which allows me to work from home and focus on our School program!

Hi, I’m Donna and I join the team with loads of experience working with littles and their families! My absolute fave title of my life is ‘mom’, and I literally can’t believe how quickly children grow up and fly the nest.
When I’m not in studio, you’ll find me hiking with my pups or curled up on the couch knitting!
You’ll find me in the Wayne Studio!



Lorelai & Caitie

Yup, we're Lara's little ladies (not so little anymore - ugh)! We both love to ride horses, and anything Marvel-related (especially Captain Marvel - girl power!) and are in the school plays. While Lorelai loves to play with puppies and volleyball, Caitie loves to draw and do student council!

While most days you'll find us in school, we do get to the studio for most of the events, usually giggling!


But you can call me Jules. I've been with the studio since 2018. And if you ask me, I'll tell you I"m the head intern! I'm currently a Penn State student majoring in biology. I"ll study abroad in Italy this Fall and plan to go to med school.

Being in State College, leaves me less time in the studio, but I'm always close by!

Our Culture

More than just a portrait studio, we're a community

You are the only you, we recognize that originality & genuinely celebrate it.

Culture of confidence

In this industry full of retouching, air brushing and filters, we take a natural approach.  Natural light, natural posing, natural backgrounds and natural editing. We are here to build kids confidence through highlighting and celebrating what makes them unique.

Culture of Inclusion

Every family is unique, unique because each family member brings their unique self to the family. We have the belief that every kid should see a family that mirrors their own. We are here to build a community that celebrates originality. This belief is at the core of everything we do, it's why we don't have packages. No two families look alike so no package could ever meet everyone's needs.

Culture of community

It takes a village, we all know that! It takes a village to raise a kids. But we believe it takes more than a village, it takes a community. Your village babysits when you need a break or picks the kids up from practice when you're at work. They love your kids like you do. A community is a further extension of that, it's places where kids know, like really know, they are loved, accepted and celebrated for being exactly who they are. It's at our core to create a community for our families. It's why we partner with other like-minded businesses and why we always support silent auctions and host charity events!

Culture of fun

Life should be fun. Fun for the kids that come in, fun (or should we say easy) for the moms and dads, and fun for our team of rock star, coolest people alive teammates. Life isn't always easy which is why we believe you make the fun whenever you can. Family portraits should be fun! That's why we have a kid-led philosophy, letting kids set the pace. This is when they are most comfortable & their genuine selves.


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