we kinda love  Philly, The Main LIne & Bucks CO

Hey! We are kinda obsessed with all things newborn, family, & photography related on the Main Line Bucks County & Philadelphia,

So we thought it would be cool to curate all the latest & greatest here at our photography studio.

Oh, yeah. I"m Lara, founder of Ivory Tree, and you'll find me wandering around the studios drinking coffee & most likely barefoot. 

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We are kinda obsessed with all things newborn, family, & photography related in relation to Philadelphia, The Main Line & Bucks Co. So we thought it would be cool to curate all the fun here on our blog. 

I know we're a Newborn & Family Photography Studio but it's so much more than that. Discover the latest in interior design trends, discover experts in all things newborn or family, style tips and a slew of other things we just think are fun. 

Cool, cool, cool... we know. But we really want to include your thoughts too because to curate is to collect all the best. So when you find cool things, let me know!

Lara, I Have cool stuff to share

Fun little fact, we launched Bed Jumping Sessions in March of 2020. That went as you expect from anything that happened in 2020. So here we are bringing them back, Limited Edition: Bed Jumping Sessions! Creating Childhood Memories. Bed Jumping & Pillow Fights. There is something so iconic about being in your jammies, jumping on […]

Journey with Lara

Deciding what to wear for your holiday session can be totally stressful. Our goal in life is to make your annual holiday session as least stressful as possible! We partner with Jaime Diehl Style who creates style boards to match our current backgrounds! Our traditional holiday background was designed by Nicol Floral Designs and is […]

New Safety Features Since COVID, ensuring you and your family are safe! We couldn’t be more excited to REOPEN on June 5th! It’s been a long, tough road for all of us to be sheltered in place since March 14th! We’ve made the below safety modifications as we reopen. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Ok, so yes, […]

It’s all about life’s little moments. My younger sister, Molly, was my maid of honor when I got married and she gave the most amazing speech. It was about how we were chatting one day and I told her life and love isn’t about big grand gestures. It’s about all of life’s little moments. All […]

Instagram makes it look like we all have the most angelic kids all the time. That we have everything in our lives so put together. Yet, we all know it isn’t true. And that’s ok. It’s ok that our instagram feed is the highlights of our life. It’s ok that we celebrate the moments our […]

An interview with Lauren D’Alessandro of Collins Print ByLauren D’Alessandro, September 19, 2019 The studio is gorgeous, and the portraits that come out of it are even more stunning. Lara Aman Mattey is the owner of Ivory Tree Portraits, a photography studio in Wayne, PA that specializes in family and newborn sessions. Lara works with […]

Ok, so if you don’t already know, I’ have two little ladies. They are Irish Twins, one is a little strawberry blonde and the other has adorable glasses that match her sassy spirit. There is nothing I love more about owning a Family Portrait Boutique than the ability to capture amazing moments of my little […]

Congrats! After months, maybe years, you’ve finally meet your newborn. And you want to capture that moment and how little they truly are. But we know, no mama feels amazing after giving birth. Because you just you know… you just gave birth.  You might still be swollen, bound and wearing those amazing gauze panties they […]

Nicole S. Didizian, RN-BSN, CCE, CBC There is no such thing as a perfect labor… or a perfect birth. You may be thinking, “Well, that’s obvious. I know I can’t completely control what my body does or doesn’t do in labor.” But, let’s be honest. How many of us, deep down inside, are wishing for […]





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