1. Coordinate, Don't Match

2. Pick 2 or 3 colors & work within that palette

3. Think about your home decor

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Jaime's top three style tips:

Instead of dressing everyone in the same outfit, clothes that harmonize look fresh and modern.

think about adding different textures for variety within the same color.

When these pictures are finally framed and in your home, you'll enjoy them as they flow with your home decor style.

Better yet, let jaime style you!

We know, it's super hard to think about getting your entire family ready for a session. Here's the thing, you know how all those other families look so put together? There is a secret. They work with our stylist, Jaime. Shhh, don't tell.

styling consultation starts at $125

Jamie will work with you to customize your looks, remotely. Here's her process: 
1. Mood Board: First you'll receive a personalized mood board to confirm your vibe.
2. Shop Your Closet: Send Jaime a pic of your favorite piece & she'll style the family around that.
3. Look Book: You will receive a personalized Look Book, complete with shopable links.
4. Rock Your Look: Exude confidence during your session, knowing you look amazing.

HOw Jaimie Styles:

'When you are comfortable with your clothing, it allows the smiles and happy faces to shine through. A well-styled session will showcase your family's personality.'
                                      - Jaime Diehl


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