1. Coordinate, Don't Match
2. Pick 3 colors & dress within it, don't forget texture
3. Think about your home decor

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Jamie's top three style tips:

Better yet, let jamie style you!

We know, it's super hard to think about getting your entire family ready for a session. Here's the thing, you know how all those other families look so put together? There is a secret. They work with our stylist, Jaime. Shhh, don't tell.

work with jamie for $65

Jamie will work with you to customize your looks, remotely. Here's her process: 
1. Mood Board: First you'll receive a personalized mood board to confirm your vibe.
2. Shop Your Closet: Send Jaime a pic of your favorite piece & she'll style the family around that.
3. Look Book: You will receive a personalized Look Book, complete with shopable links.
4. Rock Your Look: Exude confidence during your session, knowing you look amazing.

HOw Jamie Styles:

'When you are comfortable with your clothing, it allows the smiles and happy faces to shine through. A well-styled session will showcase your family's personality.'
                                      - Jaime Diehl


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