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Personality Portraits

Limited Edition: Personality Portrait Session Fee: $50

Little personalities and big emotions are kinda a big deal, it's what makes them unique.

Our Personality Portraits are designed for ONE kid, it's all about them and how they feel. These aren't your typical family portraits, they are totally stripped down with just a white background designed for the sole focus to be on your kid’s genuine self.

Celebrate what makes them unique,
it builds their self-confidence

Mini Sessions for one kid only. They are designed to celebrate each kid individually!

15-min sessions, no kid has an attention span longer than that!

Yup that means, you will need to schedule multiples sessions if you have multiple kids.

Only available the month of April

Session Deets

focused on kid's big feelings. 
Designed to create confidence,
capturing a kid's genuine self.

Digitals + product sold separately - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

You hear us say, in the blink of an eye. It’s because kids literally grow that fast at every stage. Personality Portraits showcase your kiddo’s face and capture their current stage and personality because they WILL change, and quickly.

Imagine going back and comparing these portraits each year, seeing your toddler turn into a little kid, into a big kid, and then a teen. The retrospective illuminates the little things you may have taken for granted at the time. Changes that are so gradual and yet happen in the blink of an eye!

We do it totally differently. We do not believe in packages, we believe in custom. Every family is unique and has different needs.

We're full-service which means we're here to make your life just a little bit easier. We'll walk you through the entire process. We keep it super simple, buy only your favorites and have them delivered to your home ready to love!

All prices are in addition to the session fee.

How are we any different


We're easy

Book your session and show up to the studio ready for your session. Legit, it's that easy. We do all the rest.


We're Experts in Kids

It's important. Like the most important thing.  We know how to relate and photograph kids in a way that makes it fun!


We've been around for 10 years, we're going to be here throughout your kids' growth. And we deliver images that are consistent, year after year.


We're Consistent

love them

We deliver your order right to your inbox or your home! So proudly show off your kids. They are definitely as cute as you think they are.


- Matthew Wright-Conti

Ivory Tree owner Lara leads an incredibly warm & thoughtful staff. The curated experience is perfect for any situation and the pictures really do speak for themselves. We are excited to use their services each year as we watch our girls grow up as they have both been photographed in infancy / toddler years. Their studio is clean, comfortable and very welcoming. Highly recommend!!!


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