in-studio family photo sessions

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We let the littles set the pace. That's because we understand some kids take a while to warm up, while others are ready to go but fade quickly. Sessions can last anywhere from 20 to 45 min.

We're always rocking multiple backgrounds - a creamy white, a super textured wood, back lit, whitewashed brick & a moody gray. No need to choose, we'll use several during the session. 

Family Portraits
two ways


life's too short for boring photos

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It's well, for your family. We have time to capture everyone together, sibling images & individuals of each kid. 
These are our most popular sessions & always available!

Family Session Fee: $100 +product


Our minis are just for kids! Yup, that means if you want to jump in a few look to the right.

Minis are the perfect little session to capture your little ones big personality, but they are only available one Saturday per month! 

mini Session Fee: $50 +product

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Book now →

How are we any different


We're easy

We cater to busy mamas who want quality but also want an easy process


We're Experts in Kids

Show up to the studio ready for your session. Legit, it's that easy. We do all the rest.


We've been around for 10 years, we're going to be here throughout your kids growth. And we deliver images that are consistant, year after year


We're Consistant

love them

We deliver right to your home! So proudly show off your kids. They are definitely as cute as you think they are.

what's the

We do not believe in packages, we believe in custom,Packages feel too confining. We keep it super simple, buy what you love. We offer digitals (high-res, hand-retouched), custom framing, custom albums & small gifts.


Start at
3 images for $250
5 images for $375
10 images for $675
Entire SEssion for $1000  →


Starts at $1150→


Starts at $210→

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Ivory Tree owner Lara leads an incredibly warm & thoughtful staff. The curated experience is perfect for any situation and the pictures really do speak for themselves. We are excited to use their services each year as we watch our girls grow up as they have both been photographed in infancy / toddler years. Their studio is clean, comfortable and very welcoming. Highly recommend!!!

- Matthew Wright-Conti


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