new safety features
in light of covid

Your safety & ours is the most importing thing, always. It's why we spend hours training for newborn safety. It's a key value of ours, so obviously COVID safety is critical to us. We work very hard to ensure your safety, so you feel like this is a fun, safe place to come. 

Our policy is that if you tested positive for COVID, are showing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who's tested positive/is likely COVID positive, or have traveled out of state within the last two weeks or are otherwise in quarantine, as determined by the CDC - you will need to reschedule your appointment.



Appointment Only

Ok, so yes, we have always been by appointment, but we’re taking that to the next level with locked doors, to ensure you are the only family in the studio! 

Your photographer will be the ONLY person in the studio with you and will be wearing a mask.



ALWAYS! We're masked up, for sure. And ask that you mask until you are in the shooting room!



We have installed an air sanitizer and use a blue UV light within the studio!



We are still totally full-service, it's just remote.  You will receive an online ‘album’ to view & we’ll walk you through everything during the zoom call!



Insert sad face but we have removed all items in the lobby including snacks, drinks, coffee, & toys. Super bummer for little ones, we know!


health checks

We do a temp check each morning & review a symptoms check list to ensure we’re healthy. We ask that you do the same (actually, you'll get a confirmation text from us)!


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