the Artists series

a limited edition series

Our team is made up of crazy good artists. Each photographer is inspired by something different, something unique, something that drives their creativity and their soul. 

This Limited Edition Series is inspired by each individual artist. Once a season, they will curate a look, feel and imagery that's totally unique and offer it for one week only!

This Winter, Kaeleigh will bring you Personality Portraits. In the Spring Marcy will offer Family Landscape and in the Fall, Michelle will showcase a Dark & Moody edition!


"I'm obsessed"

- Lara

BIg Personalities
by Kaeleigh

Kaeleigh has this truly magical way of capturing one's personality, their true self. She's designed these sessions to be in black & white, giving it incredible contrast while eliminating all distractions.

They are clean, they are simple, they are all personality.

Available: Feb 24, Feb 26, Feb 27, March 13

Artists Session Fee: $50 + Product

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